Monday, December 21, 2015

First Post After 2 Years!

Hi beautiful people. Its been a long time since I last update this blog of mine actually, and I re-branding this blog because of certain reasons lol I just wanted to be someone else on this virtual life as it is more convenience to do so. But what a shame, I got numbers of follower who actually will notice that this is me, and not some random Amirah on the internet ahaha

So, for this first post (after being idle for couple of years) I will talk about how chaotic my face condition during this past 2 weeks. God! I am so obsessed with skin exfoliation lately after I bought myself a Skinfood Black Sugar Face Mask, and I go against the rules which to exfoliate once per week if you got an extremely sensitive skin. I don't know what possessed me to keep exfoliating, and there's karma to everything guys lulz. By exfoliating too much, you not just discard the dead skin but also the healthy skin which acts as barrier or protect your skin from those nasty bacteria. & my skin punished me by "collaborating" with all this bacteria and start forming all these ugly looking bumps.

I am so mad with myself. If my bank account were loaded with money, I will go to dermatologist right away but yeaa.. So, after lots of reading, I came to conclusion that I will stop exfoliating my skin for a while. Wash my face only with tap water and massage my face with vit-E oil. Dab some tea tree oil on the acne area. I stop using all the chemical based things for a while, until I notice the slight recovery of my face. So goodluck for me, hope my face will heal as fast as my ex getting over me.
Ya, I am still working on my English, so bear with it. lol